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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Don't Worry

Don't worry.  Easier said than done.  And we all say it....and actually mean well when we direct the saying toward others. "Don't'll do fine."  "Don't worry....everything will work out for the best."
Of course, when the saying is thrown in our direction it's a little different.  It's hard (especially for Type A people, to always believe that things will work out okay.  I have found ways, over the years though, to alleviate some of the non-constructive and downright destructive worries that have plagued me from time to time.  For instance, I've found that better preparation for certain activities, work projects, etc. helps to ease my mind.  Time and experience help too.  Sometimes you have to just live through a few bad moments and make a few mistakes to learn how to better control those elements that cause you to worry.  There are always those things that are out of your control, though, that sometimes cause worries to creep up on the best of us.  I've found a few blogs that have some excellent advice on how to deal with worries and activities you can do to relieve your anxiety.  I hope they bring comfort and help to anyone out there currently feeling anxious or stressed out by their worries.  Heck, even if you aren't feeling particularly worried about anything at the moment, take a peek at them too!  The advice given in the blogs is great to store in the back of your mind for when the little worry monsters creep up unexpectedly!

~The Independent
Great tips on how to reduce anxious thoughts.....includes physical activity and how what we eat may affect how we feel...

~Relaxation Techniques for Anxiety and Stress
Brilliant article that includes a ton of techniques you can use to reduce your anxiety.

~The Positivity Blog-
Great down-to-earth advice (and a few fabulous quotes!) on ways to alleviate worrying.

Hope everyone has a!!! :-)


  1. I love the Positivity Blog! I haven't looked at yet, but I'll definitely give it a shot. Great post! :)

  2. I am working through this right as we speak...It is amazing how stress can literally make a person ill. Thanks for sharing!

  3.'re really can affect someone physically! I am such a worry wart....I'm still working on stressing out less and just enjoying life a little more!