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Monday, January 31, 2011

I failed......

Okay....I admit it.  I took the Ultimate Blog Challenge...and fell flat on my face!  :-)  The challenge was to blog for all 31 days of this month...every day...or at least publish 31 posts this month.  I did neither!  I don't have a real excuse.  I CAN say that I AM pretty busy.  I take care of my two little girls, my wonderful hubby, a house and 3 geriatric furry ones (2 cats and a dog).  I run my shops, try to submit at least a few articles a month to the writing sites I belong to, am learning guitar and piano, exercise, and try to spend a little bit of fun time with my family and friends.  But really, EVERYONE is busy in their own way.  I could have taken a few moments and written down my thoughts.  It's actually quite fun to blog!  Starting Feb 1st, I am vowing to blog once a day (Mon-Fri), no matter what.  I'll make the time to's  very relaxing to me to write...and it's nice to sit quietly for a few minutes and just think about what to put on the page...not about how much laundry is piling up, the litter box that needs changing, the dishes in the sink.  So...tomorrow...IT'S ON!!  :-)

If anyone is interested in learning about the Ultimate Blog Challenge...check out the website...Ultimate Blog Challenge.
It's really quite inspiring and helps to kick start your blog. (Note:  I'm not gettin' any kickbacks from mentioning the UBC...I just believe it's a wonderful thing :-)  )

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Mama Needs a New Pair of Shoes......Or 12

Hi everyone!  Hop on over to Facebook asap and "like" the net-a-porter page!  They are running a promotional contest...if you like their Facebook page, you will get the opportunity to win a new pair of shoes EVERY month for a WHOLE YEAR!  The contest ends tomorrow night!  Net A Porter  bills itself as "the premier online luxury fashion retail site"....and it lives up to that title.  Okay.....I have to admit.....I can only afford to window shop...but it's so much fun to look at all of the designer clothes and accessories!  I also LOVE to browse their online magazine and watch the videos of fashion shows!  The woman who started Net A Porter was a mommy-to-be when she began the more about her in this WSJ article.

Good Luck to everyone who enters the shoe contest!  We can all use some free designer shoes, right????

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cause Happiness

I was just perusing through an old handmade book I inherited from my great grandmother.  In the 1960's, some ladies at her church in Iowa presented her with this book of inspirational/witty sayings.  There is a saying for every day of the year.  I used to read this every day when I was a teenager.  It made me feel closer to my great grandmother (she passed away when I was 8) and helped me get through some tough times (my family was in the military and we moved what seemed like a million times..not an easy thing to do!!!).  These sayings are so great...some are Bible verses and some are just plain wise midwestern advice.  One of my favorites was this one.."Some cause happiness wherever they go, others when they leave".  I love it because it's funny, kinda sad, and so very true!  It's also something that makes one think....what kind of impression do I leave behind?  I'm mentioning this today because "causing happiness" is one of my top resolutions for the new year.  I want to be that type of person.  I's corny.  But as I get older, I realize that complaining and being a negative person don't get you anywhere.  You attract what you give out.  So.....I resolve to be a more positive mommy and wife.  Sometimes my family sees the worst of me.  I know I will slip up.  I won't be as patient as I should be all the time, and I might complain every now and then!  But I really do want to show my best side and be the best person I can be....INSIDE as well as OUTSIDE of my home!  Wish me luck!  Have a wonderful New Year everyone!!