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Monday, January 31, 2011

I failed......

Okay....I admit it.  I took the Ultimate Blog Challenge...and fell flat on my face!  :-)  The challenge was to blog for all 31 days of this month...every day...or at least publish 31 posts this month.  I did neither!  I don't have a real excuse.  I CAN say that I AM pretty busy.  I take care of my two little girls, my wonderful hubby, a house and 3 geriatric furry ones (2 cats and a dog).  I run my shops, try to submit at least a few articles a month to the writing sites I belong to, am learning guitar and piano, exercise, and try to spend a little bit of fun time with my family and friends.  But really, EVERYONE is busy in their own way.  I could have taken a few moments and written down my thoughts.  It's actually quite fun to blog!  Starting Feb 1st, I am vowing to blog once a day (Mon-Fri), no matter what.  I'll make the time to's  very relaxing to me to write...and it's nice to sit quietly for a few minutes and just think about what to put on the page...not about how much laundry is piling up, the litter box that needs changing, the dishes in the sink.  So...tomorrow...IT'S ON!!  :-)

If anyone is interested in learning about the Ultimate Blog Challenge...check out the website...Ultimate Blog Challenge.
It's really quite inspiring and helps to kick start your blog. (Note:  I'm not gettin' any kickbacks from mentioning the UBC...I just believe it's a wonderful thing :-)  )

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