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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Let's Remember.......

What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal. - Albert Pike (American writer, lawyer, and military leader)

For those of us who are not in the military, do not have relatives or friends serving in our current wars or have not experienced the loss of a family member or friend in war, Memorial Day can easily be just another holiday. We have our barbecues, visit with friends, and splash around in the newly opened swimming pools. We rarely stop to think about the true meaning of Memorial Day.

Memorial day is a time to remember the sacrifices made by those who have served and given their lives so that we can enjoy our freedom and way of life. It is up to us to keep their memories alive, so that their lives were not lost in vain. It is also a day to remember the families of fallen soldiers....they've made an incredible sacrifice themselves by sharing their beloved with the world.

The following are sites dedicated to explaining the history of Memorial Day and to honoring our fallen heroes:
Site promotes the true meaning of Memorial Day.
Site created by The White House Commission on Remembrance. According to their mission statement, the commission "encourages Americans to honor the sacrifices of our fallen and their families. The Commission asks each of us to Live Honoring America’s Fallen everyday by giving back to the Nation and to unite in the National Moment of Remembrance at 3 p.m. each Memorial Day". Their site includes statistics of the loss of life in U.S. wars and conflicts and a list of names of fallen soldiers.
Site explains the history of Memorial Day.
This website's goal is to feature tributes for every soldier killed in our current wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. It features moving tributes, virtual slide shows that are created by friends or relatives of the fallen soldier.
Directory of sites dedicated to Memorial Day and memories of soldiers from all major wars.
This site not only gives information about the Washington D.C. Memorial Day Concert, it also features stories from different conflicts. These are wonderful tributes written by family and friends of soldiers lost in war.
Gives a directory of sites set up to aide in educating children about the significance of Memorial Day.

Let's truly honor our fallen soldiers this Memorial Day. Browse the above websites, say a prayer, observe a moment of silence, or set flowers on a fallen soldier's grave. It's the least we can do for those who have given so much.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Swimsuit Shopping

It's almost here....swimsuit season!  I always have the worst time finding the right suit for my mommy body! Last summer's "tank and skort" swimsuit really didn't work for me.  So, I've been searching brick and mortar and online shops desperately looking for a swimsuit that will camouflage my belly....without making me look like I'm trying to camouflage my belly!  I found some really cute suits at ModCloth.  Here's a pic of one that I thought might work for me........I like that it has a vintage look ( I LOVE vintage clothing, furniture, junk, etc!).   

Bathing Beauty One Piece in Black

Click HERE for size, color, and price info.

Be sure to check out their other swimsuits too. Loads of cute bikinis and one pieces! 

Have fun swimsuit shopping! (Never thought I would utter that little phrase....)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Window Shopping

I LOVE to window shop....preferably online while I'm still in my p.j.'s...and sipping coffee, of course!  I love handmade and vintage items.  One of my favorite sites for these items is Etsy.  I love the look and ease of the site.  If you are looking for unique items for yourself or to give as gifts....this is the place to go!  It's also a great place for crafty or vintage savvy mommies to start their own business.  I opened up a shop on there in the fall of 2008 and have had a lot of fun with it!  Creating the storefront and listing items is so simple.  Etsy also is quite supportive of its' sellers and has created forums and other areas on the site where shop owners can gather advice on how to run their shop, how to market, etc.  GREAT site all around!

For a complete shopping guide/intro/way to navigate the HERE.  (Special note:  the gift guides mentioned in this article are no longer on the site, unfortunately.)

To go directly to the HERE.

To check out my little HERE.

Have fun!  

Thursday, May 13, 2010

World Wide Fashionistas

Calling all fashionistas......take a moment to check out the latest fashions around the world! One of the ladies in a group I belong to on (Vinty Thrifty Chics) shared these links to Vogue and Style magazines from around the world. I had a great time looking through them! Hope you enjoy them too!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kids Say The Darndest Things

Kids and adults aren't always on the same wavelength when it comes to conversations.
I was talking to my 4 year old the other day about her allergies. She asked me why she felt bad and how she got the allergies. I said something about it being was just in "her genes". She nodded in agreement and then said, "Yes, I know. My old jeans are a little small and they are too tight on my tummy and make me feel bad. I'm not going to wear them anymore". :-) I soooo wish allergies were that easy to cure!

For more kid on these........

My First Post

Okay. I admit it. I'm a newbie when it comes to the world of blogging. I'm also a very private person. I love to write, though.....and the blogger folks just made it so darn easy to start this little blog....I couldn't resist! After several DAYS of trying to come up with a catchy title, I settled on Mommy's Coffee Break. As a mommy, I cherish those times when I can belly up to my table and sip some of that life saving caffeine. Those moments where I can sit....uninterrupted....and read the newspaper, or a blog, or a few pages of a book are priceless! Every mommy needs a little time to herself to regroup and just relax before returning to her crazy life!

The plans for my blog are simple. I hope to provide some entertainment to mommies while they sip their mocha cappuccinos!

So....sit back, relax and enjoy your coffee break!