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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Swimsuit Shopping

It's almost here....swimsuit season!  I always have the worst time finding the right suit for my mommy body! Last summer's "tank and skort" swimsuit really didn't work for me.  So, I've been searching brick and mortar and online shops desperately looking for a swimsuit that will camouflage my belly....without making me look like I'm trying to camouflage my belly!  I found some really cute suits at ModCloth.  Here's a pic of one that I thought might work for me........I like that it has a vintage look ( I LOVE vintage clothing, furniture, junk, etc!).   

Bathing Beauty One Piece in Black

Click HERE for size, color, and price info.

Be sure to check out their other swimsuits too. Loads of cute bikinis and one pieces! 

Have fun swimsuit shopping! (Never thought I would utter that little phrase....)

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  1. LOL- I resorted to shorts and a T-shirt a long time ago. Only wear a bathing suit when I HAVE to :-)

    Visiting from CafeMom- you need to get yourself a friend follow gadget...if you need help, let me know!