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Friday, May 14, 2010

Window Shopping

I LOVE to window shop....preferably online while I'm still in my p.j.'s...and sipping coffee, of course!  I love handmade and vintage items.  One of my favorite sites for these items is Etsy.  I love the look and ease of the site.  If you are looking for unique items for yourself or to give as gifts....this is the place to go!  It's also a great place for crafty or vintage savvy mommies to start their own business.  I opened up a shop on there in the fall of 2008 and have had a lot of fun with it!  Creating the storefront and listing items is so simple.  Etsy also is quite supportive of its' sellers and has created forums and other areas on the site where shop owners can gather advice on how to run their shop, how to market, etc.  GREAT site all around!

For a complete shopping guide/intro/way to navigate the HERE.  (Special note:  the gift guides mentioned in this article are no longer on the site, unfortunately.)

To go directly to the HERE.

To check out my little HERE.

Have fun!  

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