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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Kids Want Your Time Not Your Money

I was reading a Wall Street Journal article this morning that featured white collar workers who were moonlighting to make more money.  The moonlighters needed the extra money because the hours/pay had been cut on their day jobs and they wanted to supplement their income.  One particular person worked tons of extra hours out of his home doing freelance work, sacrificing time with his family. The article stated that he would tell his 8 and 11 year old children to not interrupt him when he was working from home because he was earning money to support their activities (soccer, kayaking, etc.).  I can understand if a person has to take on a second job to feed, clothe or house themselves or their family.  However, if they are merely working to keep up with the lifestyle they had before their pay was cut and are only working for what some people may consider luxuries I think they should probably reconsider their priorities.  I understand that sports and other extracurricular activities are important to kids. But, I think missing out on time with a parent because they are stressed out and constantly working to support those activities is worse than missing out on being on a soccer team or going to summer camp.  The reason why the children are interrupting his work time in the first place is probably because they miss him.  Children should come first. They deserve to have parents that are there for them and spend time with them.  I think if we all slowed down a bit, put material priorities in their place and really put our families first, we'd all be a little happier.

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